F1 in 2014 comes to an end…

IMG_1488.JPGAs we draw this year to a close, we will surely reflect on a season of many highs a lows for all of the F1 family.

2014 is certainly a year to remember in the sports illustrious history, but will it be for the right or wrong reasons? Mercedes dominance and title fight? Success of the new hybrid engines? Or Money troubles for the small teams?

For me? This season has been a great success in proving that Formula 1 is capable of great change when it is required, the new hybrid era has breathed a fresh air in the paddock although it seemed too fresh for some, the former Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo labelled it as “Taxi Driving” prior to Bahrain and Lewis and Nico proved him wrong there and throughout the season with classic battles throughout the season, Alonso/Vettel at Silverstone, Ricciardo/Alonso at Hockenheim were just some of the memorable battles we had.

Williams resurgence was another great highlight of the season, from 9th in the constructors and only 4pts in 2013, to scoring 320pts and finishing 3rd above Ferrari for the first time since 1997!

Jules Bianchi’s accident in Suzuka is the lowest point of the season for me, after the findings of the investigation into what happened it was clear what had happened, but we now have to learn from this, in 2015 we will be using the ‘Virtual Safety Car’ in the event of any accidents that call for it, it is effectively a full course yellow flag and drivers will be required to slow to a speed set on their dashboards immediately, this will neutralize the race, but also give safety to the marshals recovering cars around circuit and drivers taking more care at the scene of the accident itself.

Looking to 2015, with little regulation change going into the new season, it’s hard to see if anyone can still challenge the Mercedes, Williams appear to be the closest challenger, but with Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren with the new Honda project all chasing, it’ll be hard pressed to make any guesses as to what will happen, but that’s what we love about this sport. Unpredictability