Tactics – Doing what you can to win

Nico Rosberg is now a world champion after taking second place at the 21st and final race of the 2016 season. Now while it certainly has not been the most exciting season I can recall, it did provide thrills and spills of course. 

Lewis Hamilton claimed his 61st career pole position and led pretty much from start to finish to claim a 53rd career win. But were his tactics on his attempt to destabilise Rosberg’s momentum by backing him into the Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s behind justified?


The social media backlash on Hamilton’s tactics have been completely outragous and utterly unfounded.

The three-time world champion had to do what he could in order to win the world chanpionship, if he had cleared off into the distance, there would not have been anyway he could affect the result Rosberg’s.

This is the top rung in the ladder of motorsport, the drivers are well versed in their skills and abilties to deal with a plethora of scenarios that can be thrown their way. They are adults who have shown the maturity to earn such a drive.

To depict Hamilton as unsporting in his behaviour on circuit is completely unfounded. 

Many other drivers have made tactical decisions in the past that some may or may not disagree with, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna come to mind straight away. Both very different drivers who went about their racing in completely polar opposite ways. 

But it never changed their desire to win. 

Nico Rosberg is now a world champion, a muchly deserved title through all of his efforts in 2016. Hamilton was deserved of a fourth world title too to comeback from the brink on two occasions.

No matter who you support, motorsport is a love we should all share, not take sides and argue like football hooligans over who is better and why.

Roll on 2017 & whatever it may bring. 

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