Social Media & Formula One

Disclaimer: First off, I want to start off with the fact that I DO NOT in any shape or form want to take away anyone’s right to having their own opinion and voicing it. 

Now that I’ve got that bit out of the way, I want to address what I feel is a very touchy subject that I personally feel is very close to my heart.

I fully understand that everyone will habe their favourite drivers or teams for whatever reason they feel is right for them, and that’s exactly what I want to see from people. The fans at the end of the day are the ones that fill the grandstands and cheer on their heroes.

To not do so would very much indeed kill the sport off as a whole, so I must emphasise that the fans are very much at the heart of the sport, that there is no question.

The issue I have noticed over the years lies with fan intergration with social media. With the technology to reach news more instantaniously and that we can post our reactions online is a revelation to the world.

With our love for motorsport, the ability to unite ourselves for our passion of the fastest sport in the world should bring about a great wave of discussion and light-hearted debate. Now, while I see a lot of this through some of the groups I am apart of, I have seen far more often this season more than any other a great divide amongst fans.

It hurts and pains me to witness it. 

To critisise another’s opinion or to ignore facts is a very immature behaviour that is becoming all too common. The wealth of knowledge that is available on the world wide web is incomprehensible and it often frustrates me that too many people often fail to utilise that fact.

I also understand the fact that many become more confident their virtual worlds than in real life and this has been noted in many psychological studies over the years.

The war of words I see throughout the streams of social media is a minefield of poor knowledge, trolling, sheer games of ‘follow the leader’ and the just completely unfounded accusations and it almost often looks like it would be a slanging match between two opposing football clubs.

Motorsport has always often been thought of as a sport that goes against the grain, to go against a parent’s decision to go racing and do something unconventional. 

Niki Lauda, James Hunt and even Sir Jackie Stewart all defied their familes and went racing against their families desires.

Fans too are often frowned upon for it too, as I the writer and you the reader will have no doubt experienced at one time or another utter ridicule for taking a preference to motorsport over other conventional sports.

So, I often find myself dumbfounded that, through our unity of the motorsports we love, we cannot find a way to not act like complete football holligans over the digital network.

I have loved motorsport ever since I was a young lad, I love to debate and enjoy conversations all about motorsport. It’s what helped me turn my passion into journalism.

We’re all fans at the end of the day and we should all turn our passion for it into something constructive. Don’t riducle someone if they don’t know something, enlighten them with the facts, don’t hate on someone for liking a different driver or team, treat them as an equal that they are.

If you’ve read this far, I thank you. 

 I hope too can share our passion and help make social media a more friendly place to enjoy the sports we love.


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