Taking the next steps

In light of the Motorsport Network take over the Haymarket media group it’s got me wondering how this may affect Formula One’s coverage moving forward and perhaps how it impacts future generations of journalists like myself coming through the ranks. 

I personally don’t carry the money to travel to Grand Prix nor do I carry FIA accreditation to do so just yet.

Finding something that I wanted to do in life after trying my hands in at music, health courses as well as some public services through my further education years was difficult for me, but when my  daughter Lauren was born in October 2014, I found my calling into my writing.

It’s not glamourous, it’s not coated in a fantastic tail of a life’s pursuit, it stems from a life long love and burning passion for Formula One and motorsport itself.

I watched Damon Hill take his world championship that very morning in 1996, nearly win in Hungary in the Arrows and the sodden drama of the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix among many others.

Now while my life story so is pretty irrelevant, it’s the future I look towards, I personally dream of making it to every race and reporting it first hand. I know it may not always be the glamourous lifestyle, flying around the world for weeks and months at a time with little to no sleep. 

However, being at the heart of the sport I treasure most is something I dream of and with another potential shift in the media market, coming in the shape of the Motorsport Network takeover coupled with the Liberty Media buyout of Formula One, for up and coming journalists who wish to make their mark may have more uncertain futures.

I have been a couple of major events now and met some very famous faces, some of whom have even read my work before and enjoyed it, this does buoy me with confidence, yet I am left still unfulfilled because no matter how much further I look down the road, walking up to the gates of the Formula One paddock and flashing my badge at the machine and being allowed into the inner sanctum still feels a million miles away.

While the future seems very uncertain for the media world of motorsport, it does so especially for myself, trying to help keep a family afloat while trying to make it to events and make my presence in the motorsport community known, it’s a very difficult prospect indeed.

I plan to chase my dreams as long as I financially can without compromising my family life. I wish to fight to prove why I belong in the paddock to bring you all the latest and best news and information from the Formula One world, sharing my burning passion to be at heart of the pinnacle of motorsport.

Here’s to moving into an uncertain future.

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