McLaren finally make announcement

IMG_1504.JPGAt last!!!! After weeks of guesses, curveball statements and delays, at last we have our McLaren drivers for 2015.

It has to be said McLaren have made the best decision possible for the team, Jenson’s great relationship and engine development skills with Alonso’s sheer will to drive and take a 3rd title, they have the best tools at hand to score enough points to keep Honda (hopefully) happy.

Jenson is understood to have signed on a two year deal after only putting pen to paper only on Wednesday, while Kevin has been moved to the reserve/test role, with some race experience and team knowledge, this should hold him in good stead.

We are also led to believe that Alonso is to have signed his deal many months ago but has had to be very clandestine about it until now, given that that Jenson and Fernando are elder statesmen of the grid, their partnership may not last very long.

Whether the partnership can be successful straight away is another matter, I’m sure you will all be glued the TV screens like us in great anticipation as i’m sure what will be a great 2015 season.