Performance Clauses, Right Or Wrong?

IMG_1498.JPGDo Performance Clauses have a place in F1? Of course they do, Teams have expectations of their drivers and drivers of their teams, but one driver in particular seems to have so much standing that he has these clauses in his contracts every time he signs.

Fernando Alonso in 2007 when he first signed for McLaren appeared to have a clause in his contract that he was a number one driver, this has been denied for a very long time and I no doubt that it will be evermore.

Rumblings throughout 2007 had upset Fernando and it came to a hilt at the Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying it appeared to have opened the rift in McLaren that seemed irreparable, with the two McLaren’s squabbling it left Kimi Raikkonen to score the title that year.

But in 2014 it became apparent that with Ferrari’s stuttering start with the new Hybrid formula Alonso had his own performance clause in his contract that if Ferrari were or finished outside the top 3 in the constructors championship he could leave the team. It appears that he activated that clause and negotiated his exit.

In 2015 it has appeared that again he has stated a performance clause in his contract with McLaren-Honda (Still no
Official confirmation of his arrival I might add.) the details aren’t known as to what they are, but it could be similar to his Ferrari clause.

We wait with interest as to what the ramifications of the McLaren decision are and how they perform in 2015. But I’m sure the whole paddock and fan collective are keen to see how it pans out.

I am always keen to hear your thoughts!